You have to connect the dots.

We provide the critical links between theory and reality. Here is just a short list of the services we provide to get and keep your system on track:

  • •Design all workflow forms
  • •Educate leaders
  • •Educate committee members
  • •Facilitate inter-committee functioning
  • •In-service presentations
  • •Newsletter
  • •Document performance improvement from peer review
  • •Educate, facilitate use of peer review in credentialing
  • •Assure continuous JCAHO readiness

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  • •Educate screener
  • •Assist screener
  • •Locate a screener if necessary
  • •Check screener output
  • •Assure file delivery

  • •Assist and advise leaders
  • •Assist in calling, arranging meetings
  • •Interface with members on file input
  • •Meeting agenda
  • •Meeting minutes
  • •Assistance at meetings
  • •Recommend, obtain outside reviewer where approved

  • •Prepare letters
  • •Prepare talking points
  • •Ensure follow-up
  • •Track action items
  • •On-site files management
  • •Reports to MEC as needed
  • •Feed results to credentialing files
  • •Feed results to QA programs

At the MEC
  • •Explain recommendations
  • •Advise on alternatives
•Help refine screens

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