Are you managing disruption?

He throws things. She yells at nurses. He slaps hands in the OR. Her temper is unbearable. They can be volatile fireballs, and they can incinerate a hospital full of good intentions.

Often staffs have one or more physicians who do not serve well as part of your care team. They can make life miserable for co-workers, medical staff leaders and administration. They can dampen the enthusiasm of those around them. They produce timidity, fear and mistakes. In short, they can pose a serious threat to patient safety.

The biggest mistake staffs make is ignoring the problem in the hope that it will go away. It rarely does. In fact, it usually gets worse. Rather than deal with disruption firmly, compassionately, regularly and progressively, it festers.

Then something bad happens. A patient is hurt, a physician is suspended, lawsuits loom. All because nobody did anything when they could. Instead, you’ve traded a colleague for a public relations problem, and you’re about to spend a lot of time and money in the courtroom.

Let us help with custom designed approaches to disruption. Sometimes the problem requires the help of other professionals. Often it requires time consuming monitoring and follow up for which staffs are ill-equipped. Sometimes, a collegial but progressively firm improvement plan is in order. All steps require knowledge of legal options.

Let us help your management of these professionals. We can help on a per-practitioner or retainer basis keep track of progress and help you develop successful strategies for bringing problem physicians back into the fold.

Aren’t they worth your investment? Call us for help managing disruption at 513-733-1759.