Why would I want a manual?

Can you read your medical staff bylaws? Do you know what your Rules and Regulations say? How do you run a meeting? Where can I get a sample of a warning letter that doesn’t result in a reporting obligation? How do department elections happen? Can you hold a meeting by telephone? What are the quorum requirements for our MEC?

If any of these questions prompt concerns, a custom-drafted Medical Staff Manual is just the answer. We take your Medical Staff Bylaws, your manuals, your rules and processes and translate them into plain English in an easy-to-read manual.

Even if your medical staff documents are in English (i.e., not legalese), finding your way around medical staff affairs can be bewildering without a map. We organize important and common processes and tasks into readable step by step descriptions. We provide common examples of situations you will encounter. We attach sample documents: Letters, checklists and the like. For your convenience, we attach your own documents at the end for easy cross-reference.

And let's face it: Medical staff leadership is not only difficult but often dry and uninteresting. We try to make it as interesting as possible (click here for a sample Forward page), and as conversational as practical (click here for a sample page on temporary privileges).

Why is a manual important?

It's a User Manual: If you are about to conduct your first meeting, make your first recommendation for corrective action or nominate your first officer, you shouldn’t have to hunt all the relevant provisions down. A manual can organize all this for you.

Leadership Orientation: Medical Staff leadership turns over every few years. Wouldn’t it be nice to give incoming leaders something better than a slap on the back and a hearty “Good luck”?

Institutional Memory: Often the way medical staffs do things is not written down as a firm and fast rule, nor in many cases should it be. Describing such informal practices often bridges the many gaps between the rigid formality of rules and the practical ways you do things.

General Organizer: A lot of what appears in medical staff documents is neither obvious nor well organized. A manual with a healthy table of contents and index can pull together different provisions from different places all in one place so you don’t miss anything.

Your First Clues to Revision: Our manual preparation process can point up places where you may want to revise existing rules or add rules that are missing.

* * *

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