Are measuring all your practitioners yet?

If not, you have your work cut out for you before your next TJC visit. But we can help.

Recent TJC Medical Staff Standards require hospital medical staffs to measure each practitioner in the hospital, a process they call “Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation.” You must then use this data at credentialing time to decide whether to reissue, or redefine, the privileges the practitioner requested.

Tilted standard
Remember those credentialing meetings where “He’s a good guy” was enough to send the application forward? Like “wish list” requests for privileges, that’s out the window as a sole decider. You need more. Hard data.

Like what? The standards provide a long list of sources, including outcomes, length of stay patterns and other measures determined by the medical staff.

Where does this information come from? Observation, chart review, discussions with nurses and administration, among many other sources.

So . . . how does the medical staff develop this new process? That’s where we come in. We bring to bear our study of the standards, legal considerations of confidentiality and a practical and positive approach to improving quality. We help medical staff leaders formulate the measures and processes to both comply with the standards and keep bureaucracy to a minimum.

How do you measure up under the new standards? Let us help. Call 513-733-1759.