We commonly serve health care entities, and occasionally their medical staffs directly. Although we may be hired by the entity, our role is to provide a valuable resource directly to its physician leaders, who are primarily responsible for carrying out responsibilities in credentialing, privileging, peer review and medical staff management.

We believe our clients are entitled to certain business practices that promote better relationships and understanding between us. Our work philosophy outlines steps that encourage effective communication and detail our commitment to personal responsibility and reliability.

Our approach to fees is flexible to meet the unique demands of our clients. These approaches include billing at an hourly rate, retainers and project billing. We are always willing to discuss arrangements that suit our clients’ needs, budget and convenience.

Our work is rarely performed alone but, rather, in collaboration with others. We often supplement the efforts of in-house lawyers, teaming with them for the benefits of an extra hand where they may lack the time to do all their medical staff work. Law firms that have conflicts of interest may also find us a useful resource. And we also team up with consultants to help their clients where medical staff assistance supplements other work of their engagement.