When we help an entity like a hospital and its medical staff, the question sometimes arises, “Who is your client?”

Occasionally, the medical staff retains us on its own and pays for our services out of its own medical staff funds.

More commonly, however, the hospital or other entity hires and pays us, but usually for the purpose of helping the medical staff. The medical staff is required to play primary leadership roles in discharging the important responsibilities of credentialing, privileging, peer review and medical staff management. Both good practice and Joint Commission accreditation rules require that hospitals refrain from driving this process. Medical staff leaders, however, are rarely equipped or have sufficient time to take the lead on these processes without help.

Our work “for” a hospital, therefore, seeks to advance the common interest that hospital administration and its physicians share in high quality patient care. We act as a hospital-paid resource for those medical staffs whose administrative leaders understand the importance of this teamwork and this firm’s place in fostering and facilitating it.