The firm provides advice to health care clients in several important areas. In broad overview they are:

Medical staff documents result from a careful, deliberate process of listening, building consensus and drafting in understandable English. These documents range across the entire medical staff terrain and include bylaws, rules and regulations, credentialing manuals, fair hearing plans and many more.

Peer review processes are essential to both good patient care and practitioner improvement. The key to an effective process is to create and maintain it as a positive opportunity for improvement, rather than primarily a punisher of mistakes. To best serve these purposes, however, staffs must carefully create and maintain the process to take full advantage of their unique staffing strengths and talents. We provide everything from guided process creation, education and assistance in use all the way to a fully-contracted peer review service.

Credentialing processes pose significant challenges because of the many technical requirements of accrediting organizations and the sheer volume of practitioners to be evaluated. We create and advise on systems in order to strike a sensible balance between what is required and what works efficiently.

Education on the use of medical staff documents and processes is essential to maintaining a healthy medical staff. No matter how simple, medical staff issues must be conscientiously taught on a regular basis, particularly in light of the regular turnover of medical staff leaders. We do regular inservice training as fits the needs of our clients.

Managed care has many of the same credentialing, peer review and documentation issues as hands-on providers. We have assisted HMOs with certification and provider panel issues.

Mediation/Facilitation is usually necessary somewhere along the road to a finished product and a happy client. We work with both medical staffs and administrative leaders to help them iron out difficulties that arise between them.