War Paint sm
Does every disagreement turn into a battle?

Maintaining good relationships among physicians, medical staff leaders, administration and staff is hard work. Progress toward good health care requires good communication, principled argument and, occasionally, a little outside help.

Imagine these common scenarios:

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• You are a chief of staff and you want to reorganize the MEC to take advantage of more talent and energy. But some of the entrenched leadership doesn’t want to share power.

• As CEO, you want a happy medical staff, but they want to be paid for EMTALA obligations.

• Your Bylaws Committee is about to recommend reduction of departments to just Medicine and Surgery. Radiology is up in arms.

• Dr. Jones is a big producer for the hospital. High volume, however, has resulted in more than a few errors. Now what?

• Physician Assistants want broader privileges to match new powers under state licensure laws. Some physicians like the idea, others don’t. Where do you turn?

To us.

Instead of girding your loins, put down the war paint and let us help you work through your tough issues. Sometimes a neutral voice can keep tensions down, build trust, and calm the players so that they can work creatively toward their own solutions. We can work on a per-problem or retainer basis, unobtrusively and quietly, to get all sides together.

It doesn’t have to be a fight. Make progress, not war, by calling 513-733-1759.