When you hire a lawyer for any purpose, it is just as important to assess that lawyer’s approach to his work and to his clients as it is to assess his legal skills. The smartest, best-trained lawyer may badly serve a client if he lacks professionalism, high ethical standards and an appropriately service-oriented work philosophy.

The following is the credo of the Richard A. Setterberg Co. It is the foundation on which we seek to base all client relationships.

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1. Foremost, the client comes first. This is a service industry, and I aim to serve. No excuses.

Clarity is critical. Words are my tools. If you cannot understand what I write or say, then my advice, no matter how sound, is wasted.

I owe every person – clients and others – civility. I will behave this way without compromising my duty to zealously represent the interest of my clients.

4. I believe in
discussing the scope and cost of my work before beginning. I do this to be sure clients get what they expect at the end and are neither disappointed nor surprised.

5. I make “
house calls.” My work is most effective in your environment. So I come to you, with no travel time charges or expenses (except some travel out of the greater Cincinnati area).

6. My clients are entitled to
timely completion of my work, unless extensions are discussed and agreed to in advance.

7. I
return all telephone calls as promptly as possible and not later than one business day after I receive them.

Effective communication is essential to my work. I encourage the use of email, voicemail and other modern technology, with appropriate safeguards, to share ideas.

9. A client is entitled to a
willing listener. I try to give direct answers to client questions and give due regard to client preferences and criticisms.

Client participation is essential in most of the work I do. I strive to take maximum advantage of employee knowledge, experience and skill without being overly intrusive; to relieve them of work, without leaving them out of the loop.

I seek to exceed my client’s expectations, in both cost and quality.

12. In addition to sound advice at a fair price,
our goal is to make you look good.