Does your medical staff know where to turn?

Wheels med

There is a lot to know about medical staff governance. We can help a lot by writing simple documents. We can guide you with a medical staff manual. We can help manage your peer review process, your disruptive physicians and your hearings. We can facilitate common sense solutions to difficult problems through mediation.

But the road to self-sufficiency is paved with regular doses of good old-fashioned education.

We provide seminars and inservice training programs in medical staff matters that meet your specific needs. Whether one class or a series of a dozen, we help educate those who need training the most – from administrative and physician leaders to line level staff.

We support each class with written materials and a live presentation that clearly develops themes, provides examples and affords an opportunity for questions.

Some of the topics we have spoken on in the past include, in no particular order:

How to prepare and safeguard medical staff minutes
Avoiding abusive peer review
Various TJC compliance presentations
Peer review structures and processes
How to develop a privilege
Physician health issues
Sharing credentialing information
Powers of physician assistants
. . . and many more

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We’ll help you keep the medical staff wheels turning.